Vertical platform lift with reduced carriage head :: mod. MiniSirio

MiniSirio is a vertical platform lift, ideal for providing unrestricted access within homes built on more than one floor.

Its open cab with special low walls (height just 1.2 m) solves the space problems generally found in lofts and attics.

MiniSirio can be installed either on a supporting wall, by means of special wall-mounted supports, or using a steel frame structure, allowing the unit to be installed anywhere in the home.

Comfortable and very quiet, MiniSirio adds to your home’s value and prestige.

With maximum travel of 14.5 metres, MiniSirio offers the user an excellent service in absolute safety and without interfering with the architecture of its installation area. MiniSirio’s electricity consumption is impressively low, similar to that of an ordinary household appliance.

Special care is taken over details and finishing, which combine with the vast range of optional and colours available to allow the lift to be personalised to the customer’s specific taste and requirements. Its reliability in any weather conditions means that MiniSirio can be installed on the inside or outside of buildings.

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Technical details

Max load capacity315 kg
Maximum travel14,5 m
Stops6 max
Speed0,10 - 0,15 m/s
Headroom1600 mm
Top floor perimeter enclosuresFor rises < 3,000 mm:
min. height 1200 mm
For rises over 3000 mm:
min. height 2000 mm or up to ceiling
ControlsAutomatic at floors
Run to hold in cabin
Power supply230 V - 50 Hz
Electrical consumption1,5 - 2,2 kW
Pit120 mm

PDF MiniSirio - Brochure  MiniSirio - Brochure
(Size: 711.3 KiB, Updated 28 December 2016)

PDF MiniSirio - Colours and materials  MiniSirio - Colours and materials
(Size: 220.9 KiB, Updated 18 January 2017)


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