New luxury Muse cabins range: the pure elegant Italian interior design

This new range, created in collaboration with well-known Italian architects, is an expression of Elegance, Prestige and high class finishing.

Every single cabin of the Muse line is designed in every detail to meet the specific esthetic request of the customer.

The wide range of exclusive materials that you can choose from offers the customer the opportunity to create a unique product.


Some of the options you can choose from:

  1. Italian precious wood of certified origin;
  2. infills bearing customized logos, marks or texts;
  3. floors with natural stone inlaying;
  4. tailor-made coatings including leather or Swarovski infills;
  5. embedded stainless steel staves;
  6. stage lighting choice;
  7. polished stainless steel control push buttons.


All completed using Italian architectural design.


News of the 3 April 2014.