Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions about architectural barriers removal/inclined platform lifts/vertical platform lifts

– Frequent questions about inclined platform lifts

– Frequent questions about inclined platform lifts

1. Can you install the EXTREMA stairlift on any type of stairs?
Yes. The EXTREMA stairlift is designed to handle any situation in the best way, even the most complex. The possibility of travelling in curves, with curves in the opposite direction, rapid changes in the inclination, flat curves or tracts, makes the EXTREMA stairlift particularly indicated for offering an optimal service also where there is a limited amount of available space.

2. Is the system very large? When the system isn’t being used, does it get in the way of people using the stairs?
Unlike most of the products on the market, the EXTREMA stairlift is characterised by the fact that there is no traction unit onboard the machine. This lets you limit the space occupied by the platform, both along the ramp when it is moving and when it is stationary in the parking zone.

3. Can the system also be installed on the outside of a building?
Yes. The EXTREMA stairlift is available in both indoor and outdoor versions. In this case the parts exposed are protected with special treatments or supplied in stainless steel. This makes the system resistant to the elements and lets it function properly also in critical climatic conditions.

4. Is the system very noisy when it’s being used?
No. Thanks to the cable traction system, the EXTREMA stairlift is one of the quietest on the market.

5. Is the electrical power consumption high?
No. The consumption is similar to that of a normal household appliance.

6. What colours is the EXTREMA stairlift available in?
In the standard version EXTREMA stairlifts are supplied in the RAL 7035 grey colour. On request and on the basis of availability it can be supplied in any RAL colour.

– Frequent questions about vertical platform lifts

1. In my home there is only a limited amount of space, can I install a lift platform?
Yes. EXTREMA designs and realises its lift platforms on the basis of the dimensions specifically agreed on with the customer, not using standard prefabricated modules. This means made-to-measure products, which can also be installed in particularly restricted spaces.

2. Do you have to use a floor trench?
You need a 12 cm trench for the installation of Sirio and MiniSirio. If it is impossible to do the excavations in the floor, a ramp can be installed for the slight difference in level.

3. The last floor in my house only has a limited space between the floor and the ceiling. Can I still install a lift?
Yes. EXTREMA has specifically designed MiniSirio to solve these problems. In general the head required (in other words the distance between the floor and the ceiling on the top floor) is just 1600 mm, a typical height in mansard roofs and lofts.

4. Which colours are available?
There is a wide choice of colours and materials. Consult the colour chart for more information on these customised options.

5. What happens in the case of a blackout?
In the case of blackout, the EXTREMA lift platforms are equipped with a device that lets them always return safely to the bottom floor.

6. Which is the lifting capacity of the platform lift?
Sirio lifting capacity varies from 315 to 500 kg (daN) according to the platform dimensions; Teorema and MiniSirio lifting capacity is always 315 kg (daN).

7. Is the electrical power consumption high?
No. The consumption is similar to that of a normal household appliance.

8. Are there any contributions or reductions for purchasing the system? Do you need any special permission or authorisation for the installation?
That depends on the local legislation of reference.

9. Who should I contact for maintenance or technical service?
Extrema systems are distributed through authorised dealers, professionals in the field of accessibility, who offer a highly efficient after-sale service. You can contact your nearest distributor or Extrema directly.